Friday, September 5, 2008

who do i hate less?

Is it just me or has political discourse degenerated into playground level tactics of mudslinging? From the way they present their speeches and platforms, our would be most powerful man in the world seems to be chosen by a process of elimination. Having watched the conventions and looking forward to the debates, you would think Obama and McCain’s camps were fighting for Homecoming Queen, not leader of the free world.

With all the finger pointing and calling out on issues or experience, it seems that our candidates are more concerned with why his opponent shouldn’t be elected instead of focusing on why he should be. When you go to cast your ballot, are you thinking ‘who sucks less’ or ‘who do I believe in’? I would hope that the American voter walks into that booth with feelings of the latter, but why are they catering to the enemy of my enemy is my friend idea? Instead of instilling a sense of following and inspiration in convictions in the average voter, opposing sides merely want you to hate the other person so much that you would vote for anyone but them. In lieu of bashing their policies and lack of experience, why don’t you reveal what you’re bringing to the table? Focus on your strengths, not your opponents weaknesses.

Political discourse should be rhetoric focused on highlighting achievements and stressing qualifications, not an overly wordy version of ‘would you rather.’ If you believe your candidate lacks experience, instead of pointing to their few terms in office, boast about your multitude of terms. You get the point… All in all, I just believe that great leaders should stand self evident of their greatness because they are, not because they convinced you his or her opponents self evidently suck. Let's keep it clean, boys!

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