Monday, September 8, 2008

In a perfect world: an unnecessary post

In between posts regarding the media and my political views, I guess a third category of my blog content falls under my understanding of people, or lack thereof. I feel that this topic is important enough to share with the world (and by world, I mean handful of readers). But however universally applicable it can be, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be posting about this topic, but here it is: bathroom etiquette.

I suppose this might not be necessary if Ms. Emily Post would have thought to address proper procedures in the powder room, but alas she probably assumed that most of her readers weren’t born in barns or houses sitting on a foundation of cinder blocks. I went into the bathroom and saw pee all over the toilet seat. Mind you, this was at my nice office building bathroom (no public access), not a 7-11 on some God forsaken highway. I thought I worked with a group of well mannered adults; however there seem to be a few wolves wrapped in sheep’s skin. Who in this world is too good to either lift a seat or pee in a urinal? Personally, I think urinals are more fun because the whole concept of accuracy is pretty much a non-issue. Luckily, I was just walking into the urinal to get tissue to blow my nose, because if I would have had to take a shadoobie and seen that seat, this blog would be much more colorful to say the least…

Also, as a courtesy to the janitorial staffs of the world, when you wash your hands (and sweet bacon, I hope you do), is it absolutely necessary that you have to leave the vanity looking like the sink exploded? Is it that hard to keep Biblical level floods away from the backsplash, counter, and mirror? Either the answer is ‘no’ or I’m not washing hard enough. When it comes to paper towels, if you use one, throw it in the garbage. If your Lebron James skills are less that sub par and you miss, pick it up! Unless you are 4 years old, your mother did NOT come into the bathroom with you and you should clean up after yourself!

Finally, when it comes down to it, going to the bathroom is a lot like most sporting activities. It requires basic courtesy, good hand eye coordination, and choice equipment. So, let’s keep it clean folks!

*I obviously only have 1 point of reference when it comes to the bathroom so I’m assuming women as a whole are either marginally better or much, much worse… I have come to this conclusion because since they go in herds, they either hold each other accountable of bathroom etiquette or compound the mess due to increased numbers as well as their junk (make up, feminine products, etc.).

**This post was aimed at the sketchy world of the public bathroom. If you find yourself guilty of any of these faux paus in your personal bathroom, I have nothing but prayers for you… and your house guests…

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