Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a rancid reality

So, I may be a little hypocritical in writing this next post, but what is up with reality TV. My amazing source of material,, provided me with another gem with an online article titled, “Reality TV breakouts can go on to stardom, riches.” It got me thinking. In our current entertainment industry, the truth of this statement can only be surpassed by its inherent sadness. Has the American audience become so retarded that the same tired gimmicks and socially retarded individuals will entertain us week after week and season after season? In a word, unfortunately, yes!

Now, I am a big fan of Project Runway, Top Chef, and any other reality competition that tests the TALENT of its contestants. Their creative flare and love for their given industry has landed them on a completive platform that can elevate them to a place where they can truly shine in their field. I am, sad to say, not opposed to reality shows that showcase ALREADY famous individuals. I tune into Kathy Griffin’s show. This sassy, unapologetic ginger is hilarious to watch as she pokes fun at her own lack of celebrity. Anyway…

What is up with reality television? Back when it all began, the virgin seasons of Survivor and American Idol were captivating, national crazes. Like most things rooted in fanatic, when will these shows either pass on or be locked away forever? They are coming up on the 18th season of Survivor… really?! After 18 different groups of cutthroat competitors eating dung beetles, forming/breaking alliances, and shedding pounds on the beach, why not just rename the show ‘Camping Sucks’!?!? When it comes to American Idol, I love my Kelly and Carrie, but in its 7 seasons of finding the best talent across America, what other superstars have they created? That stupid Sanjaya and Chinese Ricky Martin wannabe were bigger household names than that rotund Ruben Studdard (Season 2 winner) ever was. I read an article that said the Top 10 of every season is in but not guaranteed some sort of record deal. What’s the point of the finale if you know a majority of the Top 10 will be releasing an album that will find itself in a Truck Stop Bargain Bin?!?!

How is it the party conventions and debates bring in moderate ratings while these rancid shows are bringing couch potatoes by the millions?! My fellow citizens, I beg you to show me some of that good old American apathy and tune out so these shows will merely become a thing of the pass to be mocked relentlessly on some VH1: TV That Sucks Special.

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