Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pitbulls, y'all

First of all, thank you for providing me with endless material to read, form opinions on, and relay to you via this blog! So, I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that this isn’t a politically aimed blog (whew!). But, the bad news is you might think I’m completely evil, heartless, or any other equally appropriate (in your opinion) adjective to describe me after reading this…

Remember about this time last year one of our favorite quarterbacks straight out of the ATL was tried and convicted for his inhumane hobby of dog fighting. One small note, this stupid story took up way to much of the media’s attention, but that’s not my point. But seriously, people cared more about these mutts than the tragedy in Darfur. Anyway, my point is 1 year later, I come across an article about the rehabilitation of 4 of his dogs. The title alone drew my eyes and dropped my jaw, $800K, 1 Year Later: 4 Michael Vick Fighting Dogs Saved.

Ok. Hmm. Where to start? So many things wrong with this situation. Let’s start with the basic issue of taste. Is it just me or pit bulls completely straight out of some trailer park? I don’t mean to offend people who may own them, but they are banned in dozens of regions and countries for their overly aggressive behaviors. Who wants a dog like that? I think pit bull, I think trash. I’m just sayin’.

Now to my actual point, someone or some organization spent $800k on dog rehab?! Dog rehab… I love my dog, and I love animals in general, but for the love of bacon, couldn’t almost a million dollars be used in a better way?! First of all, with overly passive or unskilled owners, pit bulls develop their aggressive tendencies, much less with an owner who brutally used them for entertainment/sport. What are the chances that this rehab will even stick? It doesn’t seem to work for Amy Winehouse, much less these 4-legged friends with most likely similar IQs…

That money could be spent to purchase 80,000 bed nets for malaria prevention in Africa or those funds could help Habitat For Humanity build over a dozen homes for families in America. Why not cut a giant Ed McMahon check to help fund research on cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or whatever, pick your poison?!

Cute or not, they are still just dogs. I feel bad for these 4 dogs, but my advice is to get a shotgun, go Old Yeller on them, and be done with it. Then you can use the other $799,000 to benefit, I don’t know… people! (I'm just guessing that 4 shotgun shells might cost $1). Same goes for you people who spend thousands of dollars for a cute purse to carry your tea cup size whatever around in. Excuse me while I go projectile vomit on Paris Hilton.

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