Wednesday, September 3, 2008

stand up for something

After watching a powerful documentary, perusing’s latest news about the GOP National Convention, and seeing such events through my own eyes, there are a few things about freedom of speech that I just don’t understand. While I revel in this constitutional right, there are effects that are so disturbing I would gladly shut my face (or stop my typing) in order to do away with the unholy spawn of the freedom of speech.

In a word: protests. While I laud the days of MLK and others who stood up to injustices, most modern day protests are merely a spectacle of a. The proactive attitude of these extremists is nauseatingly misguided. Now, I’m not speaking about all protestors, but the peaceful, positive ones aren’t the pictures you see on or the nightly news. We are bombarded with the idiots whose only skill is plastering hate on pickets. This abhorrent side effect of freedom has merely opened up a platform for those individuals equal parts stupid and loud!

Yeah, I might not agree with some of Grand Old Party’s political agenda, but you know how I respond, I don’t vote for them. The fact that our law enforcement that should be… uh… I don’t know, solving and preventing crimes, is called out to fight off the bleeding heart liberals who are protesting the Right’s right to convene. What is this proving or accomplishing? Likewise, anti-gay protestors who line up to spout hate at Pride Parades and other large gay friendly functions, what in the world are you doing? Do you not have anything better to do with your time than spread hate one slur at a time? There is absolutely nothing constructive about your efforts. The only thing you’re proving to me is the fact that the eugenics movement deserves a second look.

Here’s a Grand Old idea, why not channel all that misguided energy into an actual evil. There is nothing apparently evil or endangering of the public about a few homos walking down a blocked off street or a bunch of old white guys converging on St. Paul. Why not invest your time and efforts into cancer research, world aide, and/or any other legitimate organization aimed at making this world a better place to live? Why not save your pennies on paint, pickets, and poster board and donate to UNICEF or Susan G. Komen? I understand that you protestors are so full of hate that you need some sort of conduit for that emotion, so pick a more constructive emotion and stand up for something you believe in, not against something else that doesn’t concern you.

There is nothing sadder in this world than misguided, scared individuals who channel their hate in the masses. Well, maybe drowning puppies, but there would have to be a lot of them…

*Tune into CBS, NBC, or ABC September 5th for the simultaneous live airing of Stand Up To Cancer special!

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