Thursday, September 11, 2008

Diagnosis: Apathy

Unfortunately, nowadays it seems the ballots, like Luby’s Cafeteria, are only populated by members of the AARP. Voting turnouts for people my age are lower than ever despite the efforts of organizations that try to instill a sense of patriotism, support, or whatever into young adults. As sad as this truth is, am I the only person in this country who think the Declare Yourself and 2004’s – failed, P. Diddy endorsed – Rock The Vote are pointless wastes of time, money, and advertising?

I don’t care how hot Jessica Alba is or how much bling P. Diddy can sport, none of these things can get the average young adult to care. Apathy is a rare disease that only the patient can cure. No amount of influence from others can make someone go out and cast their vote anymore than teachers can motivate those slimy, trashy dip-wad teenagers who could care less about getting a high school diploma.

Individuals would rather complain, mock, or detest the results of what will be the most pivotal election to date that actually go cast a vote. But that’s a 21st century American for ya. People will wait in line for hours, even days for the iPhone 3G, the Dark Knight premiere, or tickets to their favorite rock star, but they can’t take what a ½ hour out of 1 day in November to participate in democracy. Why are we preaching to China, Iraq, and other countries that democracy is such a great thing when more than 1/3 of our nation had better things to do Tuesday, November 2, 2004? (And that statistic is only taking into account the 1/3 of REGISTERED voters…sad…)

While this vast group of careless Americans share the burden of hypocrisy, the lowest voting turnout for any demographic is 18-24. I’m all for organizations that try to instruments of information. But no amount of research, statistics, or flashy photographs can make someone give a shadoobie. So, save your breath and do something that young Americans will respond to. We could always use another summer action blockbuster, bass bumping club anthem, or shameless celebrity endorsed product. You know, less than ½ of individuals 18-24 voted in the 2004 election. Is that the ½ that is ALWAYS asking me if I want fries with that?!?! I’d bet my Big Mac that’s the truth.

See you at the polls, Grandma, crotchety old guy, and mean old lady at my office!

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