Wednesday, March 25, 2009

death by iPod

Cause of death: iPod. As sad as the situation is, how loud is your music or how blissfully unaware of your surroundings must one be to not here/see a train about to run you over? An 18 year-old in West Virginia was jogging along the train tracks (yeah, I don’t know why either) and his iPod was so loud that he couldn’t hear the train’s horn or notice onlookers trying to get his attention. Once again, this is a tragedy, but it has a hint of Darwinism to it as well.

Just the other day, my friend asked me if I run with my ‘in-ear’ ear buds. I had to think back a few weeks (err… months) since my last jog around Addison Circle, and then I remembered that I did! He then asked, “Aren’t you ever afraid you’ll get hit by a car because you won’t hear them.” After swearing off running forever, I replied, “no, I look around.”

At the time, this question seemed stupid to me, because obviously I don’t run with my eyes closed and try to be as cognizant as possible of my surroundings. Apparently, it wasn’t a stupid question, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t stupid people.

I mean really, I’m pretty sure there are millions of completely deaf people who navigate their way through this dangerous world and manage to not get creamed by a train. Secondly, who listens to their music that loud? If this kid didn’t get run over, he would be completely deaf by the age of 25. What is the family going to sue Apple for not disclosing the fact that just because your ears are otherwise occupied, your eyes and other sense still will work?! I don’t get it. This is a pointless post, but I was intrigued by the coincidental nature of the timing of David’s question and this article.

*Someone please forward me an article of substance that I can write about. As you can see, I am CLEARLY out of inspiration.

Friday, March 20, 2009

you can't win an oscar for blogging, so don't

This might be a bit hypocritical, since I usually post about things that I have nothing but strong opinions about, but what is with celebrity blogging? Sure, I like to preach on common sense, parenting, celebrities, and politics, and only have a strong background in 25% of those things. But, celebrities, some more annoying than others, pretend to be professionals by the sheer fact that they are in US Weekly.

Case in point, I was sent a link by a friend to Courtney Love’s MySpace post about… get this… mortgage fraud. Really, Court? The only thing you should be blogging about is the best way to come down from a coke binge or how to really scrub vomit out of satin sheets. I would put good money on my assumption that she knows absolutely nothing about this ‘industry of fraud.’ My assumption was validated by the fact that I’m sure real experts use correct spelling and grammar, not to mention the F-Bomb a lot less!

Although the end results didn’t exactly align with my personal hopes, thank goodness the election is over! I couldn’t get over all of the celebrities buzzing around writing (or having someone write for them) posts about the election. And by “election,” I mean overly praising the second-messiah-esque Barack Obama. I remember, seeing but not reading, a MySpace blog by Puff Daddy and his thoughts on the election. Gross. This guy can’t even make a band (much less a decent solo record), do I really want to get behind his political opinions?

I just wish celebrities would stick to what they are good at or just do what made me like them to begin with. So, Courtney, I would rather read about you getting bombed at some A-ish List party then read your dissertation on subprime lending. Thanks!

The actual ‘article’ is here:

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fearful Americans scare me

So, a CNN poll is showing that Americans fear they are going to lose their current quality of life and accustomed standard of living. Well, these people all deserved these Mommy Dearest-style slap in the face years before this recession.

A vast majority of Americans believe living beyond your means is the true American Dream. They have literally mortgaged their souls to debt and impulsive, hedonistic practices in purchases. Every keeps blaming the banks for their lending practices and the mortgage crisis, but anyone with a brain can understand that they can and cannot afford certain things, such as, real estate. Just because deals sounded enticing and sales pitches were made, fish can choose not to bite.

Everyone’s standard of living across the nation is somewhat diminished. Extravagant purchases have been reigned in and people are traveling less. People have finally learned how to spell the word budget and realize that you shouldn’t buy stuff you can’t afford! I believe this lowered standard of living needs to stay there for most people.

In closing, really? Americans are afraid of losing their standard of living? What about things they should really be afraid of? It scares the bacon out of me to think that legislators our mortgaging subsequent generations' futures to fix the problems of the present. It scares me that our borders are being overrun by vagrants. It also scares/upsets me that one of the most prominent religious figures in the world is clinging to an archaic practice regarding contraception in light of 22 million dying individuals. Why doesn't the average American think about these things when they're suffering from an acute case of not going out to eat?!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Just call me “Petty”

Ok, there are plenty of things in the world that are horrible evils that make people gasp and, rightfully so, judge the offender. However, there is a whole other world of petty, tiny, insignificant things that still drive us up the wall! Some would call them pet peeves, but they’re smaller than that. Most pet peeves are derived from justified annoyance/inconvenience. For the most part, mine come from some place deep down inside me that just wants to complain. I can’t help it, I wish I didn’t lie awake at night thinking about them, maybe it means I’m OCD, but in terms of acronyms, I think I’m just B.

It drives me completely insane when there is a microwave that has a flashing leftover 14 seconds or some arbitrary number instead of the time. I can’t explain it, but the root of this evil might lie in my father. He likes to punch in 1 minute and simply open the door and take out what is probably ice cream and leave the leftover seconds to taunt me. It was one of the happiest days of my life to move out and get my own microwave that my father couldn’t torture me with.

iPhones. I am an avid Apple fanatic, but for some reason I just can’t get on board with this nationalistic craze. I actually judge iPhone users who tap away at their glass touch screens looking at everything from maps to where their friends are (creepiest Application EVER!). I cannot deny their inherent awesomeness. Apple practically reinvented the cell phone. I just hate them. I will NEVER own them. May Celine Dion lose her voice before I ever own an iPhone.

The way Paula Abdul claps on American Idol.

Anybody have similar unfounded, slightly unreasonable, extremely insignificant annoyances that make you grind your teeth?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I is for Illegal

So, at least Houston can do (or try to do) some things right. A recent article showed that Mayor Bill White is pleading with the Department of Homeland Security to aid local law enforcement to help deport illegal immigrants who commit serious crimes.

The unfortunate catalyst for White’s movement was the horrendous murder of a Houston police officer investigating drug related behavior. The gunman was an illegal immigrant who was shot when police back up arrived. While I applaud this movement to help clean up the streets of miscreants, isn’t being an illegal immigrant a serious enough crime?

Homeland Security is concerned with overseas threats and plane hijackings, when our own soil is being terrorized by individuals who refuse to legally pursue his or her American dream. It makes me sick to my stomach to think that Homeland Security hasn’t already done everything in their power to support local law enforcements to prevent illegal immigrants fro committing serious crimes, much less being in the United States at all.

Perhaps new laws should be drafted to scare illegal immigrants back across our borders. If and when one is found committing a serious crime, they should be shot in the face, just like Office Richard Salter was at the hands of an illegal. Just a thought…

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

stupid girl

So, a friend’s status caught my eye. It was about how sad teen suicide is and the new justifications kids/people are cooking up to perform the most selfish act known to man. In a nutshell, this girl sent some nude pictures of herself to a high school sweetheart that forwarded them to the school when they broke up. The teens of her school, like everyone else in America, mocked/bullied her. She hung herself.

I’m sorry, but people get bullied! Young lady, you sent sexually charged digital pictures to a high school guy. It’s gonna get around! Because of your skanky actions, that’s exactly what the girls of your high school branded you. Actions have consequences, so your plundered social life is no reason to put your family through never-ending torture for the rest of their lives. People across the nation are having the homes foreclosed on, their retirement accounts draining like a toilet, and jobs are as scarce as dignity in a whore house. These people are finding a way to make it through, but you can’t just hold on? No sympathy here.

If another’s suicide has ever affected you or someone you have loved, you know that it is the hardest loss you will have experience. Not only is there is the loss, you are overwhelmed with questions and guilt over what you could’ve done. I hope and pray that I never have to experience such pain because of selfishness and my heart goes out to anyone who has. I would rather sit on a knife.

Here is the full story:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

R & B

Now, after about the 3rd time I heard a 10+ minute techno remix of ‘Disturbia’ on the dance floor, I knew Rihanna was stupid. However, I didn’t realize she was this stupid. News sources from TMZ to CNN are reporting an apparent reconciliation between her and her face-punching boyfriend, Chris Brown.

Really? I have never been in a romantic relationship, but if anyone from my best friend to my own sibling beat me so bad I had to go the hospital, they would be less than dead to me. And I’m pretty sure my besties and my family have tighter bonds than these two dysfunctional R&B lovebirds.

The saddest part is, for some unbeknownst reason to me, young girls look up to this “beautiful” and “talented” “singer.” (I use quotes because I believe these things are arguable). So, young impressionable girls everywhere will now believe it is completely acceptable to forgive an unforgiveable offense when their boyfriend decides to take frustration out on their faces.

The other sick thing is the fascination surrounding this whole dysfunction. No one really cared about the relationship until it turned black and blue. Now, reports show that photos of the two reconciled are going to fetch prices up there with Brangelina and their brood.

Now, I only boast a bachelor’s degree in psychology, but I guess fame and riches can’t even escape battered woman’s syndrome and unfortunate learned helplessness. Hey, Rihanna can barely learn how to sing or write songs that don’t sound exactly the same, should I be so shocked? Rihanna and Chris Brown, you deserve each other.