Monday, September 29, 2008

shocking incident

Monday morning, breaking news on! No, I’m not talking about the Wall Street whirlwind or the #1 story, Tina Fey’s SNL return as Sarah Palin (wonderful priorities our news hungry society has.) I was actually on the crime section and an article caught my eye. Now, it might be my lack of good coffee that seems to be putting me in such a charming mood, but I find myself upset again. routed me to a local New York ABC affiliate’s story about an officer who was stripped of his badge and gun for a Taser Gun incident that led to a person’s death. Here’s Cliffnotes version of the incident. (Most likely) certifiably insane man running naked on a fire escape of a New York apartment building. When he reached a ledge (approximately 10 feet off the ground) he began jabbing the pursuing officers with an 8 ft fluorescent light. They Taser, he falls, and unfortunately dies.

For starters, I would give my left arm to see something that crazy. But, on the serious, does this whole incident warrant punishment of the officer? First of all, who dies from a 10 foot fall? I mean that’s high, but a smattering of broken bones seems like the only casualties of such a lame height. Second of all, the man was running around naked/crazy and a danger to himself and those around him! You don’t screw with the badge! He was physically assaulting a few of New York’s finest!

I’m no expert on police tactics, but it’s not like they were pistol whipping him to death. According to the article, in situations where an individual is a belligerent danger to himself or others, Tasers are the weapon of choice. So, without knowing other details that the article didn’t provide and I don’t feel like researching, why is this man (who was just doing his job) now probably out of one?

Let me tell you, if I were relaxing in my apartment, watching Project Runway, minding my own, and a crazy, naked man broke into my apartment and started pointing his 8 ft fluorescent light at me, I would want the cops to SHOOT him! I hate the cases of so-called police brutality when they Taser, night stick, or mace an individual who is being aggressive towards the men (and women) in blue. In my opinion, this man played with fire and he got burned! Yes, there are certain cases of actual police brutality, but enough is enough. When I get that flashlight in my face, it’s ‘yes sir,’ ‘no sir,’ ‘no, that’s not my goat,’ etc. I don’t strip down and run around like a fool… usually...

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