Mission Statement

I like to write, and have been accused of being funny at times. I get bored a lot. So hopefully, the next time you are bored this will entertain you. But really...

I want to completely defeat the Internet so I can work/write from home in my pajamas and occasionally go out on the town with my fellow writer friend, Carrie Bradshaw.

So, having this blog rise to infamy would really help with that.  

How can you help? Make this your homepage, read frequently, and share with your friends like I'm giving away free iPods, y'all. Seriously, email this to everyone you know like the crap you get from your mother-in-law or that coworker who thinks pictures of cats with captions are quality FWDs. Which they are!

Yes, I do realize she is a fictional character, but this is just how my mind works.

Look, here I am after my defeat of the Internet:
I know Starbucks isn't part of the Internets, but I still
wanna take them down in my blaze of glory...