Monday, September 8, 2008

Very Misplaced Authority

So, I go over to a friend’s house last night for a little guilty pleasure television. Yes, I might not be 17 anymore, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy watching the VMAs anymore. I guess that last statement is a half lie, because there was a large chunk of the broadcast that boiled my blood and turned my stomach…

Ok, why does every left leaning individual in this country harp on FOX NEWS for being biased to the right? First of all, if you hate it that much, tune it to any of the other news broadcasting networks. Secondly, I would rather one channel unapologetically cater to their viewing demographic than have a nauseating stream of idiots spouting the liberal support with very little intellect or authority to support it.

10 minutes into the broadcast Russell Brand, the host, went to a mind splitting monologue/rant about his support for Obama and need to get the 8 year reign of terror out of the White House. Problem 1: you’re a British comedian who looks like a butch, filled-out Amy Winehouse. Problem 2: you’re a British comedian who looks like a butch, filled-out Amy Winehouse. But, really, who gives this guy the license to speak with such authority on a country of which he is not a citizen and a field of which he has no expertise? Please show me your Green Card along with your Masters in Political Science/Journalism, then we can talk…

Now, to give Brand a break, there are plenty of citizens/entertainers who also need to sit down, shut up, and stick to what brought them to our attention in the first place. Here’s a tip, it wasn’t their thesis on the Sociopolitical Ramifications of Increased Foreign Relations with North Korea. Just because you can shake your booty, bust a rhyme, or have an Oscar on your mantle, doesn’t mean that you have earned the right to become a pseudo-pundit. You have a talent, just shut up and use it!

I don’t care if you are even saying things that I personally agree with, most of these people belong to the inner circles of Hollywood, not Mensa. While Natalie Portman may have a bachelor’s from Harvard, I’m willing to put a lot of money on the fact that most celebrities spent more time waiting tables than debating hot button issues in a crowded lecture hall…

To summarize, my primary complaint is the flood of stupid coming off the red carpets. On the serious, I just wanted to see Britney Spears comeback, Christina’s new song, and ‘Lil Wayne’s performance, which was almost ruined by these Wolf Blitzer wannabes.

PS – Don’t even get me started on reality television B-listers (Heidi, Spencer, etc.) who think they can use 2 out of their 15 minutes of fame to provide commentary on the upcoming election!

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