Thursday, September 11, 2008

fight the 3D future

So, I saw Wall-E back when it first came out and in Disney’s latest computer animated powerhouse, there was of course a trailer for things to come. Bolt is slated for a holiday release and bound to family favorite. Now, granted I will see this film and am a big fan of all Disney/Pixar productions, but does anyone else just miss the golden days of animation?

Now, not to knock the genius computer nerds/artists, but why has traditional animation gone the way of the dinosaur (literally Land Before Time anyone?!). Some of my best childhood memories are… well… tormenting my older siblings and parents. But, I also remember watching a lot of true animated classics in between my auditions for The Good Son.

Like I said, I enjoyed finding Nemo and I think Boo from Monster’s Inc. was adorable. But, no clownfish, racecar, Incredible, or green ogre will EVER compare to the timeless magic carpet rides, moments under the sea, or a big wolverine-ish beast in formal wear dancing with a hottie in a golden dress. What child hasn’t bawled their eyes out when Bambi’s mom get strapped to the back of 4x4 or when those ghastly gazelle put James Earl Jones in traction? What little girl (or futurely gay boy) didn't sing every song from the Little Mermaid at the top of their lungs when anywhere near an open body of water (bathtubs included)?

My final qualm with these 21st century productions is merely musical. Perhaps it’s my love of musicals, but growing up with songs like Kiss the Girl, A Whole New World, and Can You Feel the Love Tonight made these movies the amazing pieces of celluloid they are. Would it have killed Nemo or Buzz and Woody to hum a little ditty? They incorporate music into the films, but very few original, Oscar winning numbers have been incorporated into these fun, fanciful creations of late.

So, parents of the world, if and when they unlock those sacred Disney vaults to re-release a classic, open your purse strings and buy them. Your children will thank you someday when they don’t feel deprived of a picturesque animated childhood like we were. Oh yeah, go buy The Goonies while you’re at it.

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