Thursday, September 11, 2008

the blog bug: New POV

Ok, after 3 posts in a matter of hours, you probably think I don’t work whatsoever, but this one isn’t mine. I’m borrowing it from my friend, Langley. She is a very intelligent woman, a great friend, and an even better drinking/karaoke buddy! She said she reads my posts and she decided to blow off some political steam as well… I adored this post and Langley was nice enough to allow me to redistribute it here!

**Note: If you are a Democrat, and are not open to hearing another opinion do not read further. We will most likely not remain friends.

"These are serious times and they call for a serious debate... spare me all the phony outrage. Spare me all the phony talk about change."
-Mr. Obama

SPARE YOU?!?!? I'm amazed you haven't choked on all the word-vomit tirades on change. Not on how you will change things, but more of the same old 'Bush is terrible' ranting we've heard for ages.


Our nation is in a dizzying downward spiral and I do not blame the current administration. We have created a bunch of losers and whiners who feel entitled to EVERYTHING. It starts young... trophies for even the losers in sports. Sure nobody wants to see a child cry, but would they rather see a 21 year old that wants $85k salary for working 30 hour work weeks? High school students deserve an A for turning in late and error-ridden work. Teachers aren't supported by the Administration because they have to jump through irrelevant hoops to qualify for state funding. Almost daily there are public marketing campaigns with grammatical or spelling errors. There is no pride in workmanship, maybe because there are no longer workers. Everyone 'deserves' to go to college. Do they? Trades people are just as necessary as college grads. Why do we have inflation? Because it costs ridiculous amounts of money to hire a plumber or painter. Now, since college grads are a dime a dozen... that is the going rate.

So, what do liberals want to do? They want to give rewards to people who have not earned them. Welfare doesn't help anyone, it teaches them to abuse the system and not get out of their situation. I have seen first hand abuses of the system. Times are hard... for everyone. P-Diddy had to stop taking private jets and other multi-millionaires have had houses foreclosed on. So let's tax people who make more money more than we tax people who haven't been able to help themselves? I don't think so. I don't understand the argument of, 'but they have more to contribute.' SO WHAT...THEY'VE EARNED IT! If the unfair card is played it should be on behalf of the wealthy who have supported the country for years. It's wrong that people who are in this country illegally are getting healthcare, education, use of our roads, and a plethora of other government services and you want to tax US CITIZENS who have worked hard and are doing well for themselves to cover this spending?!?!?!? What encourages being successful better than punishment?

Mr. Obama is aiming at being a 'man of the people' and that would be good, except for the American people are stupid. They jump on bandwagons like trampolines. I believe Mr. Obama is a bandwagon and not a vehicle of change. If anything he is a vehicle driving us toward destruction. The fact that Lauren Conrad makes $75k an episode is ridiculous. I stand by idly listening to people praise Obama. It makes me physically ill. I agree things need to change, but not because George Bush made a mess. This isn't the Republican mess, this is America's mess. We are a spoiled nation and we need some tough love. How can a man pandering to everyone's complaining and whining make any real changes?

I consider myself a conservative but not a Republican. When we take our minds off the issues and become loyal to one party or another we more easily fall victim to 'logical blinders.' Instead of fawning over Mr. Obama and vilifying McCain, talk about the issues...but please, first THINK about them. Don't make political decisions based on your heartstrings or your tear ducts.

Any Democrat friends left? Hehe.

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