Wednesday, March 23, 2011

my office: the breeding ground for the inept

Are you ever at work, look around at your coworkers, and immediately think you've made a series of horrible life decisions?

I just did.

Kidding. sort of...

I work with a number of highly qualified, intelligent, resourceful individuals with impeccable work ethics. I'm fairly certain they sometimes look at me and my incessant blogging and my daily assaults on my friends' facebook accounts and ask themselves the question above.

Anyway, my particular neck of the woods (among others) in my office has been overrun with the some of the most inept, socially awkward, frustrating, and downright creepy mental facility escapees this side of the Talladega National Forest. I am 97.8% sure that my company gets some sort of tax break employing these people.

That's right. NONE of their pupils work correctly and for complete accuracy,
I should have drawn some of them with more weight.
I know every office has that coworker. You know, the woman who eats at her cube that is covered in pictures of cats hanging off of tree branches or peaking out of a terracotta planter and tries not to cry directly into her Lean Cuisine (thanks Clint). Or the guy who you make sure under no circumstances are you alone with in the bathroom, elevator, and/or any other moderately small/secluded office space. Or me...

But my office has become a breeding ground for people who, if Darwin had his way, should never actually be allowed to breed. Seriously, I don't know how some of these people haven't suffered even more head trauma because they spontaneously forgot how to stand upright.

If you are one of my coworkers and are worried I am talking about you, rest assured, I most definitely am. Not really. The fact that you can work the Internet and are literate enough to understand this puts you leagues ahead of the aforementioned mongoloids.

*I'm fairly certain that I can't get in trouble for this post because I spoke very generally and could actually be referring to just about anyone...

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haha, dude thats horrible!