Tuesday, March 29, 2011

UPDATED: fan page? sure!

It has been suggested by a few of y'all, probably the really bored ones that I create a facebook fan page.

For my friends on my real page this is probably a relief because I'm gonna try to stop using my personal page to whore out my blog as much.

For people who don't know me but read and want more access to my random awesomeness, you can 'like' my page now!

You're welcome.

I'm working on getting a 'like' button/page/feature/box added to the homepage, but HTML and codes and most technical parts of the Internets are confusing/terrifying.

In the meantime, try searching "John's Intellectual Gobbledygook" on facebook under pages. Or not, my knowledge of what this page will do and/or benefit you is only surpassed by my knowledge of how to actually use it...

UPDATE: I think this like box should work. No idea though. This is the most complicated thing ever.


Caleb said...

Holy shit, I know right? I spent hours cussing (read: and drinking) trying to just add a FB button that works right (mine doesn't). It's been suggested that I create a FB page as well, but holy crap I know it's got to be confusing.

And you just validated that opinion.

So why don't *you* figure out how it's done, then send me simplistic and detailed instructions (with color drawings) so I can do it without all the "learn how to do it" that makes it so odious.




John said...

I'm fairly certain, I still haven't figured it out...