Thursday, April 28, 2011

where boredom goes to die

The Internet is an amazing tool. There's more information than you can shake a stick at, tons of porn that lots of people shake their sticks at, news of breaking world events, and photos of Britney Spears's most recent trip to Starbucks.

However, with all of this at your fingertips, the Internets, more than anything else, is the place where boredom (tries to) go to die. This blog, twitter, again, porn, and facebook are all online to get us through our work days, entertain us while we stand in line at the grocery, or are sitting in traffic because some idiot went Dukes Of Hazard on an I35 median.

Which all brings me to my primary point, where can I get some really good grocery store porn?! Not really.

But really, why do people so many people suck on facebook? I go to facebook to annoy my friends be entertained, distracted, and amused.

Enough with the political statements laced with kindergarten level expletives (I don't even like the ones I agree with), overly aggressive foursquare check-ins (we get it, you go home at night!), and most importantly, stop updating your status about how bored you are or how much Mondays suck or how much you can't wait for it to be Friday.

We are all bored! That is why we are on facebook!!!

So enough whining, y'all!

PS - I am not being hypocritical, this is a rant, not a whine-fest.

What CAN you do to make me less bored?

Upload hilarious pictures you took of your friends 
drunk shenanigans from this past weekend.
Make some catty comment targeted at the poor.

Share a link to an awesome song that is fresh with a beat that sounds like two blimps #$%-ing.

ANYTHING Tina Fey / 30 Rock related.

This is usually the best part of my day on facebook. 


Anna said...

I think I may have to have an affair with your blog. Seriously.

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