Monday, May 2, 2011

parks + recreation

I woke up Saturday morning absolutely furious at my roommate. Did he drink the last of my milk? No. We drink different kinds. Did he stay up late while I was trying to get my beauty sleep? No. That's usually my cohabitation faux pas. He did however insensitively forget to bring me drunk food!

Well... sort of.

So, my friends and I were all out drinking at a public park next to our house and shooting shotguns. It was a blissful and beautiful Spring day. I mean what goes better with beer than deadly weapons? Possibly potato chips, but I'm pretty sure guns still win.

Anyway, throughout the course of the day, my roommate not once, but TWICE, left the group and brought back hamburgers to soak up the alcohol in our system. As he arrived with drive-thru treasures in hand, the group was elated. He would then divvy out the magical contents and everyone but me had a been brought a meal.

So, I was still hungry, and getting more angry with every bite my friends took.

I didn't realize just how mad I was until I started making coffee that morning. As every second passed, I thought about his insensitive actions and I was sure I wouldn't have the hangover I was currently experiencing had he been nice enough to ask me if I wanted a Whopper. I had half a mind to storm into his room and give him a piece of my mind. But I decided to drink my coffee and think of the best way to handle it.

As I then drank said coffee, a few things occurred to me...

1) It is completely illegal to drink and shoot guns in a public park.
2) My roommate's drunk food of choice is and always has been Taco Bell.
3) It might have all been a dream... and,
4) Taking Tylenol PM on a stomach full of Miller Lite on Friday night makes for an interesting and emotionally draining Saturday morning.

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