Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This is pretty much a non-post.

So, this blogger website has a feature that tracks your page views and other interesting statistics like traffic sources, countries where your blog is being read, and even what type of operating system readers are using.  they even have fun graphs! PS - I have people who read in the Israel, the Philippines, and Canada! Canadians I use the word 'people' VERY loosely. Aye!
For some reason, people do not like to read on Wednesdays. Seriously, I could be promoting a free iPad giveaway, my experience with a Craigslist home massage, or free Russian porn viruses, and again, no one would read it.

I'm not trying to pretend that on other days, people are overloading the servers to get to my nonsensical writing and ridiculous MS Paint drawings, but why do people really suck on Wednesday?

It's like on Monday people are so not ready to get back to work, they will do just about anything to delay the actual working. And on Fridays, people have mentally checked out and need something dumber than they feel to pass the time. Enter, my blog!

But on Wednesday, people are catching up or wrapping up (insert 'hump-day' pun here), and they're all, 'we don't have time to %#$& around on this stupid website! Too many words! Must finish reports and collate papers!'

Others may employ this tactic, but I just spent the last 15 minutes staring at an almost 6 month old magazine and getting really pissed off at it.

With a giant bolded title of secret ways to save every day, you would think the cover art would reflect said promises.

That ugly heel in the upper left hand corner are $169 which isn't highway robbery but they aren't even that cute.

The pot in the lower right hand corner is Le Creuset and retails at about $232. Which is slightly less expensive than the one that I want, which you can buy me here on (but in white, because that red makes me want to vomit)!

Those leather/suede gloves that look like K-Mart gardening gloves from the Martha Stewart section are a whopping $95 dollars.

I don't know the exact breed , but that dog looks totes expensive too.

Who calls this 'saving'? Chloe Kardashian? (I know it spells it with a K, but I rank her as a sub-person and also stupid for spelling it with a K).

Although it isn't the BEST version of the song I've ever heard, I love my some Gwyneth and I LOVE that they used the intro so many versions omit.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Wednesday is the only day of the week people are sober enough not to waste their time on your awful blog.