Wednesday, November 26, 2008

opt to adopt

You know, two things have really reddened my rump over the past few days. States across the nation are voting to ban same-sex couples from adopting and/or serving as foster parents to children. What are they afraid of? It isn’t that they would join the ranks of Michelle Kehoe’s child throat slashing, that sick UK dad who had 27-year career of raping his daughters, and unwed teens across the nation subjecting their children to be raised by grandparents, is it?There obviously isn’t a license to breed.

There are no standards or qualifications that entitle two individuals to have the ability to bump uglies and make a human being. Unfortunately, it’s not possible for two men or two women to just make a child. Being that In Vitro and other alternative conception procedures are outrageously expensive and difficult, same sex couples are forced to pour their love selflessly into the discarded children of others.

Being adopted and gay, I really don’t have a hard and fast stance on the issue. I believe my life is better because of those two ‘labels’, but I also have an extraordinary family. I cannot deny that there are complications to any adoption or foster care situation, but until there is legislation that requires breeders to register to procreate, lets not make leaps and bounds towards keeping caring, financially stable, and, oh my, GAY individuals from stepping in where the straights fail in astronomical proportions!

On a side note, I was watching a discovery channel or something last night about couples who were/are spending tens of thousands of dollars to have children. I believe in overcoming challenges in conception, but you know, sometimes it’s just NOT in the cards for your uterus. Stop being so self-lovingly proud of your genes and freaking ADOPT a child who needs more love than you will ever know!!! Hell, do what my parents did and crank out some biological children and throw another log on the fire and adopt! If you ask my parents, it keeps life interesting...

On another side note, if you ever think you would lack the patience or self control and would strike/abuse/torture/kill your children, please, go sit on a microwave or get a lot of X-Rays (sans lead protection) and stop your eggs/sperm while you're still ahead...

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