Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Greener Grass

They say the grass is always greener on the other side, but for me, grass is grass. Being the new, ripe old(er) age of 23, I seem to have put every aspect of my life on a scale or some measuring bar that (in my mind) is always just a bit too high. Why can’t I, and everyone else, just look at the present and be happy with or deal with it? People constantly look back with regret or longing of ‘better times,’ or fix their eyes ahead to what can be (and seems) better.

What caused this personal philosophical revelation? A zit. That’s right, I work up this morning and had a pimple on my face so massively vile, I wanted to call into work to hide my tumor. So, I was thinking to myself, “Vanity, when you’re older and handsome you won’t have to deal with youthful acne!” But, at what price? I’ll trade in my Clearasil for Botox. So, what’s worse? Let’s face it, even if your teenage face doesn’t look like a pizza, eventually it will look like a knee.

So, as appealing of a subject it is, enough about my face. I have been in the ‘real world’ of tax-paying, time-card punching, and insurance paying for about 2 years now, and I can’t decide if I miss ‘college life’ or not. Sure, it was fun partying all the time with a Devil may care. But, I can’t even do that anymore. The other weekend I went out and made it home about 4 AM and almost died the next day. Two things occurred to me, I’m getting older and can’t really party like a Rock Star anymore, and I am LAME! It’s not like I don’t have a great time going out with my friends, but sometimes at the stroke of midnight, I just wanna pull a Cinderella and rush home to be on my couch in my underwear watching 30 Rock.

This is pretty pointless post, but I just think it’s weird that we can’t just be satisfied with and live in the now. There’s always something we had that we look back on or something we want that lie ahead. So, I guess I’ll try to stay content with the present, zits and all…

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