Monday, November 24, 2008

(un)Merry Christmas

This morning I was browsing through CNN’s mess of articles, and found myself in the Health section. If you’ve turned on a television, tuned into any adult contemporary radio station, or strolled through the retail hell that is any mall in America, you’re aware of the fact that the holiday season is upon us. The article was about a woman who got laid off of her job and her sob story that she won’t be able to buy presents this year and how guilty she felt…

Boo-Radley-Hoo! I mean, yes, it is sad, but this woman (I’m guessing) is just another credit riding, shop-til-you-drop Americans who have driven themselves into debt and didn’t ask questions. This woman was saying how she had to forgo buying Christmas presents in order to pay her electric bill and other necessities. I’m glad she’s smart enough to understand the true importance of priorities, but still, and I hate to sound like some Holiday after school special, this lady still doesn’t really understand what Christmas is all about.

I mean, she lost her job, and I can’t imagine how much that sucks, but what about the fact that she and her family are in perfect health (the article didn’t say otherwise), her husband is still employed, and they have a roof over their heads. That’s a lot more than some people can say. So, lady, I don’t think your submission video to Extreme Home Makeover will make the cut this year, not having an XBOX 360 or 2008’s Tickle-Me-Elmo under your tree doesn’t really qualify as a tragedy.

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