Tuesday, November 4, 2008

not political, not sexy

Yay! I have never been more excited to write a blog, but this one has absolutely nothing to do with this election, so it looks like things are coming up sunshine! I may have blogged about this in the past, but researchers keep coming up with this stupid studies constantly finding new connections between media exposure and stupid mistakes. All in all, I think these researchers are just coming up with confusing, wordy ways to point to a scapegoat.

Once again, these straw-for-brains studies are linking sexual media to teen pregnancy. Do what?! Obviously, it’s out there. It permeates everything from a beer commercial, to almost all primetime television outside of Nickelodeon, although Dora’s mid-drift baring T-shirt may turn a few heads. Britney Spears hasn’t sold almost 200 million records worldwide because of her voice and people don’t tune into Grey’s Anatomy for the cast’s medical expertise. So, let’s call a spade a skank, because America has developed a taste for filth.

These distasteful (to say the least) indulgences are hours of our lives swept into the intellectual gutter. I don’t think tuning in will solidify my membership in MENSA, but they’re not driving me into the arms and bed of my peers. It all comes down to a proper education. If parents are too reluctant to venture into the land of awkward discussion, then they’ve told out and out told their children to go educate themselves. Since our public education systems find it too disturbing to allow mature, informative discussion of sex, where do you think young, horny teens are turning for advice? Of course, Heidi from The Hills or the latest cast from the all new 90210 are the de facto sexperts for the hormone filled high school sophomore.

Since, the liberal, elite, sex-charged media won’t be changing its programming anytime soon to cater to more family-friendly fare, step up to the plate and talk. Communicate the dangers and consequences about sex, and let these kids know that unsafe, unplanned sex is about as dangerous as a felony or going to Africa without bug spray. Don’t believe me? I’ll give you your ‘I told you so' speech when you’re locked down from your finances and social life for the next 18 years of yours and your child’s lives!

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Susanne said...

So, as I can see, Dad did a good job a few years back to tell you to return the Alanis Morisette CD because of the inappropriate cover. :-)