Thursday, November 13, 2008

John = Work In Progress

So, it’s not like I’m NOT happy with my life, cause it’s pretty great. I just always believe that even with great things, there’s always room for improvement. I know you’re asking yourself, “how could he get any better?” But, I take a chance with me and believe it’s possible. So, in my own little chicken-scratch, I’ve written a semi-comprehensive list of “20 To-Dos.” Being that the holidays are around the corner and most New Year’s Resolutions will be forgotten before the air is out of the party balloons, I haven’t just compiled a list. I have put together an out an out action plan! Here are a few of the highlights (I doubt you wanna read all 20).

-Pursue actual hobbies. When you meet new people they always ask what you do for fun. I’m pretty tired of the standard, ‘movies, hanging out, going out…’ I want a REAL hobby. Maybe a recreational team sport or Dungeon’s & Dragons group… I know yet.

-Stay in touch with people better. As much as I love MySpace, Facebook, and the power of a great text message, what ever happened to good ole fashioned meaningful phone calls, cards, or letters? The art of correspondence has truly died. Not sure if I’ll start writing more letters, but I might.

-Stop chasing the uncatchable. Most children were raised with the idea that anything is possible. Well, for the most part it is. I’m just tired of wasting time day-dreaming or living a life of what-ifs and not really doing anything about them. Even if this one is a bit pessimistic, I would rather forget about a dream than waste time/mental energy on things that will be filed away under ‘Regrets’ when I’m on my death bed.

-Understand not all social engagements require a drink. Now, I’m not saying that I’m an alcoholic, but it’s become second nature to always crack open a bottle of wine or order a drink at the drop of a hat.

-Start journaling again. I did this once before, and it was stolen with my book bag when some POS broke into my car. Anyway, (not bitter), blogging is great and all, but there are so many personal things I want/need to write about that any blog reader probably doesn’t care about. Really, it’s not that interesting.

-Stop letting the actions of others control my mood. I’m not sure it’s because I am sensitive (I doubt it) or I just care to much (also doubt it), but I have more buttons than an airplane cockpit that I just let people push them buttons like a Ms. Pac-Man machine. Whether it’s a friend who does something or annoying or a complete stranger who is just plain repulsive, why should I let these people take the skip out of step?!

So, work in progress (remember there are 15 I didn’t even put on here!)

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