Monday, November 10, 2008

movie rant

So, this weekend some friends and I went to see ‘Role Models.’ It’s delightfully irreverent, tacky, and vulgar. I honestly think I lost brain cells watching the movie, but it was pure hilarity and (to steal a word from a friend’s dictionary) awesomenicity. All in all, not quite Superbad or 40-Year-Old Virgin, but Scott and Rudd are totally worth the $10.

Anyway, I’m no movie critic, I judge PEOPLE. I know I have posted about this at some point, but I cannot get this message across any clearer. RATED-R movies are for adults or older looking teenagers. Even if you are of age, does that make it ok to bring your kids who AREN’T to vulgar films? What sort of parent thinks its ok to expose their children to such explicit entertainment? It makes me want to vomit! I mean, in all fairness, people in general probably shouldn’t be going to extremely vulgar/graphic movies, but I’m 22 and can make these decisions of poor taste on my own.

So, parents, if you are going because you want to see it and can’t find someone to keep your kid alive for 2 whole hours, don’t go to the movies and drag your impressionable child along to hear the F Bombs drop like Baghdad, boobies (yes, unfortunately, boobies), and/or violent, senseless gore. If your kid wants to go, you give him or her a slap in the face for thinking you were stupid enough that you would take an 11 year old to see a Rated-R movie!

People always complain about the violence/sex/vulgarity in the media. Well, if all the people who are obviously missing chromosomes would stop going to see Saw (the fact that they have made more than 1 makes me want to projectile vomit) and giving the movie studios the green light to keep rolling out smut, maybe there wouldn’t be so much of that in the media. It’s simple supply and demand.

Hold on, I’m telling the kettle I’m black too, because I did go see Role Models and I own 40-Year-Old Virgin, but like I said, I’m 22.

Anyway, keep kids out of Rated-R movies, stop making Saw films, and keep your kids out of nice restaurants too. Cause if they’re running around the aisles or treating the booths like trampolines, either heavily medicate them… or ME!


ginadenny said...

This entire topic is my #1 pet peeve in life. I had a friend tell me her 3 year old was really scared by the 5th Harry Potter film. I said, "Um, that movie is PG-13, why did you take your 3 year old to see it??" She replies- "Oh, is that what that means? I didn't realize that's what those ratings were for!" And, yes, if there is not a plethora of high chairs, crayons, loud music and macaroni and cheese available, your kids are not welcome in that establishment!

J said...

that story literally hurts me to read. however, i'm especially pleased when actual PARENTS agree with my views being that i have no kids...