Wednesday, November 5, 2008

now what?

Headline: America chooses change. Hold on a second, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit…

Anyway, as historic as yesterday was, what about today? And tomorrow? Our 44th President rallied a nation of minorities, youths, and undecideds to rally behind his message of change. He has proven to us that this message is equal parts appealing and inspiring. What about its practical applications? What about the fact that in all of his speeches and grandiose plans Obama only got ½ of this tantalizing equation correct? One of our most memorable Presidents addressed our nation with a question that Obama should find applicable. Ask not ‘how can we change this country?’ Ask ‘how can the citizens of this country change?’

Now that the House, Senate, and President bleed blue, change is on the horizon. Instead of piles and piles of legislation, government programs, and handouts, why not stimulate the average American to change themselves? Any proposed financial bailout from our government would merely be treating a flesh wound with a Band-Aid. Americans need to be shown the harsh reality that the problem is lifestyle, highered expectations, and misguided feelings of entitlement. The American Dream that once was opportunity, hard work, and reward has dwindled to wanting what you can’t have, can’t afford, and didn’t work for.

If you want a change America, electing one man isn’t enough. Because if and when his plans fail or only serve as a temporary/short-term solution to a crippling problem (and by problem, I mean Americans), you will turn on him and his approval will drop faster than a cheap pair of panties on prom night. Change will only happen if we meet Obama in the middle and choose to change ourselves.

PS – the new Bond looks like pure awesomeness.

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