Thursday, November 11, 2010

daylight savings time + genghis grill

We are four days into the emotional and physical hell that is Daylight Savings Time. I don’t know who invented this, I think Nicolas Cage said that Benjamin Franklin is the responsible party, but regardless, I hate them both. Anyway, when I was a kid, I was under the impression that the Boerger Family (and possibly our close friends) were the ONLY people who practiced DST. This is also coming from the mind of a child who couldn’t tell time on an analog clock until he was a teenager.

Anyway, I was so set on the fact that the rest of the world was had fallen into a different space time continuum, I stressed about what time my favorite TV shows would come on. I didn’t think the good people at whatever network Star Trek aired on got them memo that I was now in my very own time zone. For some reason, I never worried about the school’s ‘new hours’ or play dates with friends (from my Star Trek reference, you can probably guess I wasn’t Mr. Congeniality or very bright).

After a conversation with my nemesis and some revelations about myself I have stumbled upon, I’m still pretty stupid. Let’s start with my friend though. She, like me, is extremely intimidated by new experiences. True story: Nemesis and her brother went to Panda Express. I’m not sure if the ‘ORDER HERE’ signs were out of order, but they were so intimidated by figuring out if it were a buffet or whatever, they gave up and left. This is the same girl who couldn’t successfully navigate herself out of a Blockbuster video store. Nemesis just waited patiently, surreptitiously behind a rack of videos waiting to observe someone escaping the labyrinth of the Blockbuster.

Others when hearing these stories, also confessed that they had walked out of Genghis Grills due to overwhelming stupidity. My other very intelligent friend who is my resource for all things cooking, baking, and general common sense, cannot work iTunes. Yeah. I have her an iPod shuffle full of music for running, and in a year’s time, she has never updated it…

The truly sad thing about this is the fact that I would have done the same (well not in the iTunes scenario... I get computers). But, I hate asking stupid questions. Seriously, can you imagine going up to a Blockbuster clerk and asking ‘how do I get out of here?’ I can’t even wrap my mind around how to even phrase the question to the servers at Panda Express… perhaps a mildly retarded groan that simply utters ‘me want food!’ No one likes to feel stupid. Let's flashback to my tear-filled experience with getting my oil changed...

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is “will someone come with me to Genghis Grill and show me what to do?”

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Anonymous said...

FYI, Daylight Saving Time is what we have in the summer. This current black hole we live in is the lack of Daylight Saving Time, or Standard Time.