Thursday, February 19, 2009

new meaning to 'freezing' your account

I am a big fan of personal responsibility and, unfortunately, no billion dollar bailout/stimulus can seem to instill this crucial idea into the minds of Americans from coast to coast. To borrow a phrase, ‘if you do the crime, you do the time.’ Catchy phrases aside, when it comes down to it, actions (or lack thereof) have consequences.

I don’t think this makes me the epitome of crass, but what is up with people these days? So, everyone has heard about Marvin Schur, the man who froze to death in his house after his power was turned off for a delinquent account. Now, Bay City has promised it would not turn off anyone’s power for unpaid bills. WHAT?! I didn’t know paying for services provided was optional. I don’t go to Starbucks, order a latte, and just decide I don’t feel like paying this time.

This is just ridiculous. This man was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and couldn’t pay his bill on time? I really just can’t wrap my mind around it. I would eat ramen noodles for a week just to pay my Time Warner bill (cause this kid needs his DVR). I can almost (but not really) wrap my mind around some sort of hardship program to grant extensions if you notify the companies of your current financial downfall, but Mr. Schur was gravy.

Is this power company a malicious, money-hungry, evil entity that is bent on the destruction of mankind? No. They are a company that provides a service in exchange for money. If you don’t pay… well… you don’t get the service. If you have happen to freeze to death, sorry bout ya, maybe you’ll learn how to budget (or pay bills on time) in your next life.

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ginadenny said...

How do people think we stayed warm BEFORE power companies? If he was that cheap (or stubborn) why didn't he get himself a little fire in a can or maybe wear an extra set of long johns????? This made me mad too...