Monday, February 16, 2009

jessica simpson is 'fat'

Ok, in this horrible economy, the only asset that is increasing is Jessica Simpson's. All the magazines are talking about it, and now I am. While part of me (a very small part) feels bad for her and the scrutiny of female body image in America today, another part of me thinks it’s completely humorous if not absolutely appropriate. Wait… let me explain.

Yes, Americans might have a pretty distorted perspective on the issue, but in terms of celebrity, you can’t really blame us, especially when it comes to female pop stars. The only reason I am justified to make this sort of judgment, is because Simpson and her ilk have made their careers out of being sex icons. Sure, she can (arguably) sing, and has been around for a while, but she never had more exposure and ‘success’ until she trimmed down, toned up, and shook her booty up and down in a number of sexucally charged music videos.

She flaunted her newly sexy body all over the place, got a divorce, and came out with one of the worst pop albums ever! So, in my opinion, Jessica Simpson made her bed and now she can lie (and eat) in it. Because if you center your career around being hot and sexy (not talented and respected), when you lose the only reason people are interested in you, they will be upset, confused, and or judgmental as to why you look like fat. That would be like Michael Phelps all of a sudden forgetting how to swim!

So, in closing, my advice to Jessica Simpson is to stay curvy and actually work at becoming a talented and possibly respected singer, or lose your weight, put that bikini back on, and wash another car! Also, if you want your ‘fat image’ to go away, you might want to stop performing at Chili Cook-Offs!

PS – You know she totally is 'eating up' all this attention anyway. She’s like a crack addict for magazine covers.

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