Monday, February 9, 2009

5 Mini-Rants

On a light note, I think it is hilarious that Chris Brown is up for felony charges. I don’t like him, I don’t like his music, and with him behind bars, I won’t have to hear that stupid ‘No Air’ song for at least 5 to 10. I’m glad he didn’t perform at the Grammy’s (since he was running from the LAPD) and I’m ecstatic that Robert Plant and Alison Krauss won for their awesome collaboration album.

I don’t know where I completely stand on the stimulus bill. On the one hand, I probably won’t have kids, so what do I care if subsequent generations will continue to shoulder our trillion dollar debt? I am pleased (albeit shocked that it was in the bill to begin with) that the Blues wanted to spend $300 million on Federal Prisons. Really?

All the passengers of the flight that landed in the Hudson who are complaining about lost luggage or Blackberry’s and are upset with the inadequate restitution can suck it! You know what, you got out with your life when in all fairness you should be dead and/or seriously injured in an almost airline tragedy.

Dancing With The “Stars” is back on. During my ritualistic Sunday night TV shows, they announced the new contestants. I am just confused as to why these people are being called stars. I think of all the names announced I recognized 3 or 4. These people weren’t A-List Stars even when they were relevant. Poor Shawn Johnson, first she loses the Gold to Lastia, and now this little gymnastics nugget will have to dance on stilts to match the height of any of the dancers.

CNN Health reported that there is a study saying that habitually smoking pot can possibly lead to testicular cancer. I also know that it leads to low sperm counts or lazy swimmers, I think. Even if this is a side-effect of this self-destructive behavior, who cares? Stop spending money on researching crap like this that are produce ‘duh’ or irrelevant answers. Smoking leads to lung cancer, Santa Claus isn’t real, and it’s not fun to look at ugly people!

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