Thursday, February 5, 2009

M + M

So, there’s a quirky facet to human nature called judgment. Whether it’s an inappropriately dressed coworker or the actions of a public figure, judging is a hobby/pastime that unites the masses. My biggest issue with the activity is the judgment of celebrities’ actions. Recently headlines have been made about blunders of Michael Phelps and Disney-crafted Miley Cyrus. In a phrase… who cares?

Ok, the guy broke records and would give a shark a run for its money underwater, but that’s about it. So, he went to a party and took an Olympic-sized hit off a bong. To borrow a phrase, who cares? It wasn’t during competition and he’s only human. He might have the body and talent of a Greek god, but he’s on human. To borrow a more appropriate phrase, to err is human. I would also like to point out that, I’m pretty sure most individuals might not have adopted the entire Bob Marley mentality, but they’ve puffed.

Also, some viral media has been sweeping the Internet about Miley Cyrus and her friends making perceived jabs at Asians. I’m sorry, but being Asian, I could care less. So, she has the mentality of an 8 year-old and gets kicks out of slanting her eyes… who cares?! Some stupid civil liberty groups are calling for a public statement/apology. Yeah, like that’s gonna do anything…

I just don’t understand why these people are held to a higher standard than the rest of society. Is it because they are role models? Even if that is true, I prefer to look to people who I know and have affected my life… like my parents. Just because you can swim or sing undeniably catchy songs (See You Again… yes… I unfortunately like that song), doesn’t mean you deserve my respect or should be emulated in any way by anyone.

So, keep placing bets on Phelps’s in 2012 and jam out fructose-infused tween-pop, but on the serious, who cares what else these people do?

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