Tuesday, February 17, 2009

8 piles of throw up

Hold on a second, it’s hard to type and keep my blood pressure under control. I have just about had it with Nadya Suleman. This might sound a little drastic, but this woman is just about everything that is wrong with America. Just because, for some twisted reason, you wanted a giant family, doesn’t mean you are entitled to one. Unless you are prepared to work for and provide for your dreams, you need to wake up! Even if I dreamed of wanting to own a private jet to use on a whim, it ain’t gonna happen.

But wait, unlike childbirth, I can’t just spread my legs, wait 9 months, and have a pop out a Lear Jet. There are monetary restrictions holding me back from joining the private “mile high club”. Unfortunately for America, there are no restrictions on procreation. This woman, with the aide of one of the dumbest doctors on the face of the planet, has probably ruined the lives of all 14 children and made a mockery of our welfare system and given a big F-U to all of us who work hard to provide for us and ours.

So, either reform the welfare system and increase limitations/caps and consequences or enact laws that start some sort of population control. Or better yet, get CPS involved, there has to be some definition of abuse that will encompass the overcrowding of children on welfare. In the city of Casey, Australia, it is illegal to own more than 2 dogs and 2 cats on 4000 square meters. But, you’re telling me, it’s alright to house 14 children, who are all under the age of 8, in a tiny house in Southern California?!

I’ve never had such disdain for someone I have never met. She just beat out Oprah, Hillary Duff, and Rachel Ray for people I don’t know but hate. Too add insult to injury, Nadya has started a website soliciting donations for her and her family. In a similar gesture, I have also started a foundation called “Get Nadya Suleman A Hysterectomy.”

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