Thursday, January 29, 2009

stick this in your pipe and smoke it

While all the confetti is just about done being swept away, an overwhelmingly historic stimulus package was approved. Now, I might lack any knowledge in national economics, but if 244 bleeding hearts think this is what’s best for our country, so be it. However, among the articles talking about the near trillion dollar stimulus, I read that $75 million is being spent on stop-smoking programs… Now, regardless of the fact that I am a smoker, I think this is stupid.

For starters, 99.99% of those ads are completely lame. I don’t know what crack team of advertising executives was paid to create and produce these ads, but I’ve seen more substance in a shadoobie. The point is, smoking isn’t good for you. If anyone on this planet thinks otherwise, they have a lot more serious problems than the occasional Newport. Spending tons of money on marketing stating that cigarettes are bad for you, is about as necessary as sending out news bulletins that the sun will be coming up tomorrow.

I understand that the campaign is being pursued to avoid the staggering yearly costs of treating smoking related ailments. But, these people (myself included) have made their beds. So, now they can lie in them (next to an oxygen tank). I mean, with Obama in office, don’t we all get free health care anyway? Or, not to be extremely cold, but why are we going to drastic measures to save the lives of people who practically killed themselves? I don’t think it fair to hand out new lives or noses to alcoholics or crack addicts, respectively. Give them something for the pain, and let them die in peace. Not quite euthanasia, but more of a sorry-bout-ya.

Speaking of costs, the government has continued to plow up the price of tobacco higher than a Dr. Pepper at Tinseltown. I remember buying a pack for $2.98. Now, they are around $5-6. If doubling the price won’t deter this slow death, a 30-second commercial definitely won’t.

Spend wisely congress, cause I apparently don’t.

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