Monday, January 19, 2009

poolside peril

I vaguely mentioned an article about the draining dangers of pools and hot tubs in a previous blog about Sarah Palin. Unbeknownst to me, that little snippet seemed to be the most interesting part of that blog. So interesting in fact, I kept thinking about it, so here I am posting…

While my heart breaks (and stomach turns) at the thought of any children who have met their fate at the bottom of a pool with hundreds of pounds of pressure killing them, I can’t help but think these tales have a hint of Darwinism to them… Evil statement? Possibly, but at the same time, think about it. Everyone reading this is probably 18 or older, and have all managed to go their whole lives without having the need to risk underwater disembowelment.

As a child, I had a wild imagination, a volatile temper, and many other wonderful qualities that drove my family crazy. But, I wasn’t necessarily the coldest beer in the fridge. I did a lot of stupid things. I have a scar on my belly from when I decided to check out this thing called a stove… I also have a scar on my forehead because I can’t think of better place to nap but under the mantle where we keep the giant logs for the fire! Anyway, let’s just say there were plenty more instances that I won’t be citing on my Mensa application.

All that being said as a young (dumb) kid, I remember being in pools a lot. The only thing I don’t remember is having the urge to swim to the bottom and plop down on the drain. If my friends asked if I wanted to play Marco Polo, I said ‘yes,’ not, ‘actually I was thinking of sitting on that thing that sucks thousands of gallons of water down it!’

Even in lifeguard training, I remember learning about CPR and enforcing rules. Rules like, don’t run, no back flips off the diving board, etc. I don’t remember the country club having signs posted reminding pool patrons that a drain isn’t a very comfortable resting place!

I honestly pray with all my heart and soul that no one should ever die or be injured like this again, but my head has to weigh in on this dilemma and can’t help but want to smack some sense into any child who thinks this is a good time.

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