Thursday, January 15, 2009

Passé Palin

Ok, back to politics. After I got done reading a particularly horrific article about pool drain dangers, my eye caught a headline about Sarah Palin’s supposed positioning for a 2012 Presidential bid and how she’s fighting back the liberal elite media to clear her name and comment on her election sound bites that rival Bush’s pronunciation of ‘nuclear.’

I have to say I am pretty torn by this. As much as I would give my left arm to see Tina Fey reprise her impersonation of Caribou Barbie, I think Sarah Palin needs to ship back to Alaska and forget the last 4 months ever happened. Palin has ‘fought back’ and tried to defend herself as well as place blame on the media for how she and her family was portrayed during the race.

She claims that Tina Fey ‘exploited’ her. I’m sorry but comedians have been mocking Presidential candidates and public figures since the beginning of time, and SNL is no exception. Just because your appearance on the show wasn’t quite the Nixon ‘sock it to me,’ doesn’t mean you can lash out on one of the most watched videos on the Internet… ever! Plus, if you really wanna run in 2012 get ready for even more mockery and stop saying stupid stuff. Many of Tina’s lines in the sketches were DIRECT QUOTES from your interviews!

And about your family being exploited in national coverage, deal with it! The media is pretty twisted. Hell, Forbes has a list of the 10 Hottest Celebrity Babies! Just because they cracked a few jokes about your daughter’s shotgun marriage and unplanned pregnancy, don’t stoop to their level and make stupid statements in People Magazine that’s where Britney and Kevin hash out their post-marital tiffs, not politicians.

Also, you did sound pretty dumb in A LOT of your interviews, but I can’t blame you. An obscure, 1st term Alaskan Governor probably wasn’t ready to be shoved front and center of one of the most important Presidential races of our time. There are plenty of average Americans who couldn’t possibly handle that amount of media exposure. It just so happens that Sarah Palin was one of them.Finally, I just feel bad for the GOP because unless Obama dives us into nuclear war, the economy implodes, or he (God forbid) dies, no Republican on God’s green Earth will stand a chance in 2012. I mean Superman would have trouble in the polls next to this guy. I’m still not 100% on board with B.O., but he’s probably here to stay for another 8 years. So, instead of being a catty school girl about the past, why don’t you go away and beef up your political resume Mrs. Palin while the Republican Party licks its wounds?

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