Friday, January 16, 2009

My name is John, and I have bad taste.

Whether it is a guilty pleasure TV show or a celebrity you keep tabs on in your latest edition of US Weekly, there are many things in this world you hate to love.

Top Chef – I have (tried) to make it a point to avoid reality shows ever since Taylor Hicks won American Idol and Survivor’s seasons reached the double digits. However, Top Chef (I would like to fool myself into thinking) is a cut about the rest. It keeps the drama to a minimum and focuses on the cooking. It makes me sad that I feel the target audience is single, mid-30s women who sit at home with their cat (or two) eating Lean Cuisines…

Single Ladies – I would tip my hat (if I wore them), to Beyonce and the producers and song writers who concocted this disgustingly addictive song. I also have a few choice hand gestures for them as well because I can’t get it out of my head! To add insult to injury, the video fills me with equal parts joy and jealousy (cause that dance is awesome). Well... more like 20-80 mix.

Two words: Desperate. Housewives.

Taylor Swift – Unfortunately a craze has swept the halls of middle schools everywhere. That craze is called Taylor Swift, and for some reason I got swept along with just about every other 12 year-old-girl still waiting to get out of their training bras. This has to be my guiltiest musical pleasure ever. The shame/delight fills me heart every time I hear her mousy voice and lyrics about boys who have done her wrong.

But, on the serious, there are plenty of things I am over the moon obsessed with that I offer no apologies for. To name a few… Celine Dion, Facebook, 30 Rock, cheap red wine, any song that is a duet, Real Simple Magazine, text messaging, and taking pictures of myself with other people’s cameras (especially when they hand it to me take a picture of them).

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