Thursday, January 15, 2009

but, are you really surprised?

Ok, here I am, once again giving parenting advice. I mean, who better than me to tell current parents how to do what they do better? Anyway, my latest scoff at parents across the country comes in response to their response to Britney Spears’s latest release. I have the album (shocking, huh?) and have listened to this track from the moment it was on my iPod. It is titled ‘If U Seek Amy.’

Now, in reviewing my iTunes play count, I had played this song about 50+ times before I realized the message only after I read an article blasting its true meaning. (Say the title enough times aloud, and you can unfortunately figure what it is ‘spelling’ out…) So, yes if you have figured it out, it’s pretty vulgar and overtly sexual. But, my question is: are you surprised? Britney Spears has been exploiting her sexuality from the moment she made Catholic School Girls everywhere look a little more dangerous.

Anyway, the article was saying how upset parents across the country were with the fact that their 5-9 year olds would be singing profanity. Hello?! What parents are buying their not even tweenage children Britney Spears albums?!?! Her current single, ‘Circus’ is about being an exhibitionist borderline dominatrix. I’m not proud of the fact that I like her music, but I’m defiantly done dropping my jaw over any of Ms. Spears’s sexual antics.

Also, it may not be the most intelligent sounding form of communication, but profanity is profanity. I might not want my children swearing like sailors, but I’m not going to delude myself into thinking that they shouldn’t and wouldn’t ever hear it out in the world. Just because she makes the music doesn’t mean you have to buy it and listen to it. In closing, parents why don’t you worry less about what Britney does in the recording studio and censor your children’s trashy media exposure YOURSELF!!!

Let the record show, I am not proud that I really enjoy this song, but, hey, I'm not kicking my heels up about the fact that I am addicted to Top Chef

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