Thursday, August 28, 2008

Waiting for winter...

In an echo to my sister-in-law's post yearning for autumn weather, I’ll do her one better, because I am craving winter... If I had my way the days of poolside drinking, scents of fresh cut grass, and blistering sun beams would be traded for fireside blanket bundling, aromas of hot chocolate, and the sight of my breath escaping into the cold, dry air. Now, you might be wondering what exactly brought on this flood of chilly nostalgia?

Well, if you’ve ever been on the phone with me while I was behind the wheel (not safe, but I Bluetooth it (retarded I know)) you know that I have little patience for the crazies on the road. So, in order to get my road rage under control and not rip my steering wheel out of the dash, I switched to a Holiday playlist. Let’s face it people, you can’t be flipping off others drivers and screaming infidelities at the top of your lungs when Bing Crosby is crooning in the background. It just doesn’t work!

So, it seems that the cure of my road rage has given me the Winter Blues. Other than a trip to Disneyworld with a bottle of Prozac, I honestly don’t know what’s better than hunkering down in one’s living room in your PJs and watching Christmas movies or decorating your home while blasting Christmas Carols in the background.

Fall in Texas leaves much to be desired and Spring and Summer seem like 1 big long season of hot, but Winter is a truly special time. So, until the season actually rolls around, I guess my Holiday playlist will have to keep my anxiety at bay…

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