Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ladies 2.0

Women, I really believed 5 rules would be enough for outlining a good foundation for workplace attire etiquette. However, what if you’re not working 9 to 5 in a standard job? What if your job entails being anything but appropriate? Recently I was on and was routed to this story.

Incase you fail to jump to the link, it’s about a man who drove through a coffee stand and began fondling himself. Apparently, more than java gets this sicko hot. In a tail of poetic justice, the female barista threw boiling water on the man and his indecent exposure. I guess it’s the oldest story. Boy meets girl. Boy touches self. Girl throws boiling water on boy. Case closed?

Actually? No! More details of story reveal that the barista was wearing a bikini. Apparently it’s a new trend in some areas that your coffee is served up hot with a pair of melons to boot. Now, ladies, you will never become a dominant sex in the world if you don’t stop manipulating your wiles over one track mind men. Reducing your talents and intellect to a string bikini and latte is anything but respectable. Also, Hooters girls, I’m sure nothing makes your father prouder than knowing his baby girl traded in her sense of decency for a pair of panty hose and short orange shorts.

While the guy in the story is a disgusting subhuman at best, why cater to these kinds of perverts and social rejects by serving up your yum yums on a silver platter? If the buffet weren’t open they wouldn’t ogle your chafing dish. So, regardless of your workplace keep it clean and respectful and maybe then I’ll feel sorry if you are a victim of a sexual crime. Until that happens, Hooters Girls, strippers, bikini baristas alike, just consider the wandering glances, off handed comments, and other usually offensive behaviors occupational hazards.

PS - I am in now way, shape, or form condoning the actions of this pervert.

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