Monday, August 18, 2008

Ladies' Choice

Ok, after giving 5 basic to-dos for the men of my office, don’t think for one second that the women walk around like testaments to work appropriate attire. Now, I have no fashion recommendations just consider these regulations of what NOT to wear.

1. Flip-Flops. You make think they’re cute sandals that can be dressed up or down to your whimsy. Think again! You’re not at the MTV Beach House on Spring Break. You’re working in an office where heels, boots, or any other acceptable female footwear are supposed to cover your hammer toes. On that same note, your 5” spiked stilettos are better reserved for street corners not cubicles.

2. Speaking of toes, never wear open toed shoes, peep-toe heels, or anything else that exposes your toe nails unless they are visually acceptable enough to not make me up chuck my Lean Cuisine in the break room. I’m not saying I need to see a perfect pedicure, but don’t walk around with chipped paint or crusty cuticles and not expect my jaw to drop.

3. Just like men, apparently the female brain has a similarly incorrect definition of business casual. I’m sorry but men are supposed to wear nice button downs and/or Polo’s with slacks/khakis to be considered business casual. Why is it some women think a cotton plain colored (almost) T-Shirt is sufficient? Unless you are a stellar accessorizer (most of you aren’t), NOTHING can dress this up enough to be acceptable anywhere but a picnic or stroll through Wally World.

4. Some employers are adventurous enough to serve up a challenge to their HR Departments by allowing jeans days. I love all different kinds of denim, but don’t come to work with anything frayed/patched, ultra-low rise, or glittering with rhinestones. This isn’t a club (or the 80s for your rhinestone lovers)!

5. I’ll leave this last rule in a no-no that can be described best in 1 simple hyphenation: see-through.

Ladies, I am no Tim Gunn, so I’m not offering fashion advice. I’m just giving a few helpful tips to not be referred to as ‘that girl’ in your local office. Plus, when it comes to rules 2, 4, and 5, you don’t wanna be labeled the company door knob (everyone’s had a turn).


Miss Wise County said...

Um hello, pot calling the kettle black, maybe? "with anything frayed/patched, ultra-low rise, or glittering with rhinestones. This isn’t a club (or the 80s for your rhinestone lovers)!"
-Sounds like some of the numbers you would wear! lol

J said...

only on the weekends! NEVER to an office/work function. but guilty (sort of).