Monday, August 25, 2008

i must admit...

Whether it’s Project Runway, Living Lohan, or Private Practice, everyone has their own little guilty pleasure television. You’re good enough to admit that it’s far from good television. I mean, I highly doubt that Talk Soup’s mouthpiece Joel McHale will be winning any Emmy awards in the near future for his reporting/commentary on popular culture, but does that make him any less fun to watch? I say, ‘No!’ In some ways, it almost makes them even more appealing.

In all their naughty/campy glory, these shows are the secret bag of cookies you hide while dieting. They’re that cigarette you smoke when you swear you’re quitting. Something about their socially distasteful nature, keeps you tuning in. But, I am here to come out of the ‘bad TV closet.’ I guess admitting is the 1st step…

Following last year’s writer’s guild strike, my TiVo will be pushed to capacity limits to be stuffed full of juicy hours of bad programming. One such show, Desperate Housewives is probably my ultimate indulgence. Six beautiful housewives live out their lives on an idyllic street with secrets, scandals, and mystery. Oh my! Nothing makes my Sunday night more enjoyable than tuning into Wisteria Lane. It’s definitely bad TV and I’m OK with that.

My name is John, and I watch bad TV.

What do you tune into with curtains drawn?

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