Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Here's an idea: DON'T!

Earlier in the week, I put on my sympathetic shoes and walked daintily through an emotionally charged minefield. I wanted to deliver my opinions with as little disdain and anger as possible. But, apparently, there are still selfish teens out there who refuse to think outside of their own small worlds and really consider the devastating consequences of their actions. I’ve put together a well thought out, straight forward, and poignant ad campaign in response to the senseless string of selfish acts of desperation. Here it goes: “Teenage Suicide – DON’T DO IT!”

It seems everyone in the media is swarming to the defense of these kids. They are demonizing the bullies, the conservative right, religious groups, and pointing the finger at just about everyone but these selfish little snots. I have now lost all sympathy whatsoever and am giving into my anger…

So, personal moment. I learned exactly what the word ‘gay’ meant when I was in 6th grade. I had ‘the feelings’ prior to, and had been teased my whole life about my more effeminate mannerisms/behavior/awesome personality. However, I never knew what ‘gay’ was. When I finally put a name with a face, I highly considered taking my own life and ‘saving’ myself from a future of being different/outcast/ostracized. I would even pray before I went to bed that if I didn’t wake up ‘normal’ I’d rather not wake up at all. It sucked! But, even my pimple-faced, bowl-cut, bigger than average head knew that this was selfish. I loved my family and friends far too much to put them through something far more horrible than the cards I was dealt. Plus, I loved myself far too much to let a perceived weakness/flaw/imperfection undo everything I was and, more importantly, could be.

I survived. Thousands of homosexual individuals (many who grew up in a MUCH less socially accepting climate) survived too. Gay or straight, life is all about surviving. My anger and lack of sympathy actually is being stirred up by two different personally relatable issues. It’s October. This is breast cancer awareness month. You may or may not be aware that a little over a year ago, I lost my mother to her battle with bone cancer that came after 8 years of being in remission from breast cancer. My mom fought tooth and nail to overcome this devastating diagnosis that stood between her and her husband of 30+ years, her 9 grown children (5 of us, 4 via marriage (we’re Lutheran, not insane)), her 7 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild. She endured surgeries and treatments best described as agonizing. At no point did she selfishly throw in the towel and take the weak fool’s way out.

You can ignore bullies, transfer schools, seek counseling in the NUMEROUS free 24-hour hotlines, and be embraced by the LGBT community that bands together like the mob. Unfortunately, people fighting terminal illness can’t do any of these things as a viable means of survival. Whether it is cancer, AIDS, or any other disease that comes with its very own 5K race, there are people all over the world who FIGHT for their lives. Sadly, not all of them will win this fight. So, no, I don’t really care that these perfectly healthy teenagers with nothing but their lives in front of them waiting to happen that thought it was just too much.

In conclusion, gay teens, stop killing yourselves! Everyone else, save a life and grab a boob near you!


Sarah B. SMITH said...

question? John who are the other 2 grandchildren.. their are 5.. do you have 2 kids that we don't know about..? lol Mom was an amazing fighter and makes any of my "bad" days seem great and not worth complaining about. Love you Asian!

J said...

My bad. 6. (Kelsey).

Sarah B. SMITH said...

My bad too.. I forgot about Kelsey.. sorry!!!