Wednesday, October 6, 2010

celebrity soap box.

There are a lot of things in this world that I have a slight (at best) level of knowledge on. Anything that has to do telling time on a traditional clock face, math above basic algebra, and topics deemed ‘appropriate’ work conversation, I have what we’ll call a passing acquaintance. If there is one thing I’m usually 100% sure about, it would be my opinion. I have a personal disdain for any celebrity endorsement or involvement in politics. It makes me want to boycott that artist/actor/reality show star in every way possible. Even as the target demographic being affected by these issues, I still can’t fully support their support…

We live in a country where most of its citizens prefer to jump on celeb bandwagons or leap to the seemingly ‘trendy’ side of current social issues regardless of how uninformed they are or what they truly feel is the right thing. Most people spend about as much time deciding what they ‘believe’ or how they’ll vote as I spend deciding what to order at a BK Drive-Thru. (No brainer! Two Whoppers with everything but cheese.)

I understand that they are trying to be helpful and there quite possibly are some troubled individuals out there who find it helpful to feel as if they have successful celebrities ‘in their corner/closet.’ But, I believe that the voting, informed, and relevant members of society, are turned off by impassioned rhetoric of the Sarah Silvermans or Lady GaGas of pop culture. I know I am. Again, on a level, I quasi-appreciate their support. But, does anybody take Lady GaGa seriously on any topic outside of outrageous head ornaments, overproducing music videos, or using bacon as a fashion statement? I wish some of these more influential organizations would use real people with personal stories to tell to spread their message. Personally, I am more apt to listen and be emotionally affected by the real deals than a celebrity who cannot relate to me in any way whatsoever.

But, since these celebrities will not be reading this blog and will continue to spread their opinions like legs at an OB-GYN, I am pleading for them to be do it right.

1) Please stop bashing conservative/religious groups and blaming them solely for these issues. Sure, there is a negative vibe coming from the right, but it’s the extreme end. And we all know the extreme end of any spectrum is as crazy as they are loud. You are alienating an entire voting base that, if you played your cards right and spoke like an intelligent individual, might be swayed. Most of America is pretty moderate anyway. PS – it’s not like EVERY single democrat/liberal political figure is out there campaigning against DADT or helping plan my fabulous gay wedding to Astronaut Mike Dexter.

2) STOP SWEARING. I’ve already seen a couple videos where celebrities have posted up in front of their webcams and thought they can be influential by using profane language. It’s a turn off and it only further validates your lack of intellect. I don’t remember Martin Luther King, Jr. saying “I had a m***** f***ing dream!” Keep it clean, and people might listen and not just hear you.

3) Have and maintain a track record of support for these issues you so fervently speak for. Show me that you did more than have your publicist release a statement or pick an opportune time to be in the spotlight. If you can’t do more than offer temporary lip service for an issue, I think you’re just pandering to your fans. Most celebrities’ endorsements for issues are trendy at best. They get on their soap boxes for whatever issue is hot or most controversial, then selfishly withdraw until the next national issue, natural disaster, or disease gets attention so they can hitch their star to it.

Unfortunately, our country has become a field of mindless automatons who vote for whomever Oprah endorses, buys whatever Steve Jobs markets as the second coming of Christ, and read more periodicals concerned with what celebrities are wearing/doing than relevant current events. If these YouTube videos, blogs, or tweets lead to actual positive social change, then I guess we all win. But, I can’t swallow the thought that this change came about by mere sheep following a lost shepherd.


Gina said...

A. Men.

Astronaut Mike Dexter is the hottest

Angela said...

the problem about wanting to listen to the "real deals" is that they very rarely get the time in the media because everyone NEEDS to know about Lindsay effing Lohan being put in/released from jail. again.

Melissa said...

Totally agree :)