Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear Taylor Swift,

Ok, I’m 48-hours into owning/listening to Taylor Swifts third LP, “Speak Now.” Let me just say, I am amazed. Now, I will be the first to say that the Grammy performance was abysmal and I wouldn’t categorize her as the best voice I have ever heard.  But this girl can write. Track after track, I find myself more in love with Taylor. When I listen to her songs, I feel like I’m reading her diary and/or burn book.

I guess that’s just her appeal altogether. Twenty something gays (myself included) and just about every girl who has been dumped, cheated on, or loved a boy who didn’t know she existed, can feel like this famous ‘every’ girl gets their feelings. A lot of my friends who absolutely hate her will agree that she is a talented song writer and believe she should just be a professional lyricist, but the fact that she is singing such personal/revealing words makes you know the music is genuine. Even her contemporaries like Carrie Underwood (who has an enchanting/powerful/unexplainable vocal talent), has dabbled in song writing. However, you wouldn’t know it, because they lack the depth and personal rawness that Swift weaves into every phrase.

Anyway, “Speak Now” serves as the ultimate transition album. Much like Britney Spears’s “Britney” album, Taylor is still very much a young girl who is taking her first steps into adulthood. She’s left behind songs about fairytales and high school crushes. She’s grown lyrically and developed music that older, more mature audiences (myself NOT included) can somewhat relate to while still staying true to her unrefined signature sound that is her appeal. All of this, and she didn’t even have to dance with a boa around her neck or get her face licked by a back-up dancer.

For anyone on the fence about getting this album, hop off and get on the greener grass where I am sprawled out with a bottle of wine and my iPod on repeat. “Speak Now” has her classic ‘gotcha’ songs (“Better Than Revenge” and “Mean”), whimsical tales of falling in love reminiscent of some of her younger work (“Enchanted”), and tracks with a new sound that show a lot of growth (“Haunted” ). For all the emotional cutters out there, Taylor never fails to deliver the anguish (“Back To December” and “Last Kiss”).

There is no debate. I love Taylor Swift. But I have to come up with a way to really piss her off and get her curls in a wad so she can write a song about me… I know! I’ll spread an Interweb rumor that she is a direct descendent of Adolf Hitler who controls the weather and wrote the screenplay for “Glitter.” I bet she calls the song “Gaysian Blogger Done Me Wrong (Oh, Oh, Oh).”

UPDATE: I just read (a little behind) that she was named Entertainment Weekly's Entertainer of the Year!  
Simultaneously proving her talent and that top hats should make a comeback.

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