Monday, April 27, 2009

Life Fail

What has happened to public education? I’m sorry, but middle and high school age children do not need to be coddled and infantilized. What sort of preparation is this for college and, oh yeah, life!!?!?! Recently, there have been a number of schools that adopted ‘No Fail’ policies. Instead of the traditional ‘F,’ students receive ‘H’s.’ (They stand for ‘Held,’ and kids have to do something stupid to rectify their poor performance). What the F?

First of all, I don’t see how the H is much different, but the idea that ‘No Fail’ is an acceptable form of education is stupid. What has happened in the last 50 or 60 years that has revolutionized the education system? I’m pretty sure my parents are completely productive members of society who grew up with A’s, F’s, and everything in between. I did too. Is there something wrong with theses subsequent generations that they cannot accept a cold, honest truth that they suck at life… or math?

I believe such programs are detrimental to human development and make the high school campus even more unrealistically out of touch with reality. People drop out of college, get put on academic probation, and don’t make the cut all the time. It’s called the world. Even past college, life sucks for losers. Do you think apartment complexes should have a no-eviction policy for rent evaders? Should employers have a no-fire policy for all of its workers? No!

So, why not prepare these students ahead of time, so they won’t set unrealistic goals for themselves in thinking they will be anything but blue-collar (at best) individuals. Sounds cold, but if you can’t pass regular high school classes (without some medically documented learning disability), your future looks pretty dim. Seems, the ‘H’ stands for false Hope.

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