Tuesday, April 7, 2009

1-Step Diet

After reading about nearly 20% of US toddlers being obese and the impending warm weather, I got to thinking about some really simple ways to get your ‘beach body’ in time for waterside festivities.

Now, I’m neither a far of working out nor dieting. So, good luck with that! I’m talking about simple things you can do to instantly (visually) shed a few pounds. Everyone, 3 simple words will make you lose about 10 pounds: WEAR YOUR SIZE. Even the thinnest person in ill-fitting or too small of clothing will look larger than they actually are. Have you ever popped open a canister of Pillsbury biscuits? That’s what people wearing a size (or more) too small look like. Be smart. I’m no Tim Gunn, but not all cuts of clothing are flattering on everyone. Two-piece swimsuits are completely optional (and sometimes discouraged).

Gentlemen, I know you might (if you’re straight) care less about your physique and lean lines, but here’s one quick tip for you. If you are wearing a T-Shirt, DO NOT tuck it into your jeans. I don’t know if it is a generational thing of if you think you look a little cleaner with a tucked in shirt, but if you have a belly, it is merely highlighted by the cotton-poly blend spread squarely over your rotund front end. An un-tucked shirt obscures the curvature and, let’s face it, you’re wearing a T-Shirt, be casual.

In closing, fat babies are cute.

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