Monday, April 6, 2009

Tina Fey saved my life.

So, yeah, not only did she embody election parody this past fall, Tina Fey is also a life-saver. Whose may you ask? Mine! Aside from the fact that 30 Rock is a hilariou and under-watched TV show, this ½ hour of merriment taught me how to save my own life in a bind.

I actually can’t believe I have been so remiss as to not share my drama and knowledge, but life sucks like that sometimes. Anyway, about 2 weeks ago or so, I was home eating a chicken dish I had prepared. While I sat at my coffee table watching TV (what is most likely DVR-ed American Idol) – wow that was sad – I started to choke on a piece of gristle. I jumped up from the floor and ran across my living room to my computer desk and threw myself upon the back of the chair. I then proceeded to cough up the evil piece of chicken (on my MacBook mind you). Relieved, I threw the rest of the dish away and proceeded to eat a bowl of rice.

While there are many benefits of living alone, it was unsettling to think that the worst way to die might just be alone in your apartment while eating a meal for one! Eek! Thank goodness for 30 Rock. On a random episode in season 1, Tina Fey’s character chokes on a TV Dinner and does the exact same thing after other futile and hilarious attempts to get it out otherwise. Had it not been for this fictional 37-year-old single, writer, I would probably be stinking up my apartment as we speak.

So, if you ever eat a meal alone, be sure to diligently cut and chew your food… or keep a chair handy.

PS – Watch 30 Rock… it saves lives!

SIDE NOTE: My life is a lot more fabulous than this post makes it sound… I promise.

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Andrea said...

That's a great story!!! I loved that episode where Liz is choking. I'm glad u were smart enough to turn to Good Old Lemmon and use a chair!!!