Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It does a body good...

A memorable character from the annals of cinematic history once sat on a bench and shared the wisdom of his ‘mama’ with the passersby. But once you’ve taken that 1st bite of ‘never know what you’re gonna get,’ what’s next? You’re sitting there with caramel, dark/light/milk/white chocolate, or some artificially flavored filling that hardly resembles ‘strawberry’ in your mouth and what? Life just might be like a box of chocolates, but actually living life is more like a glass of milk, and what goes better with chocolate than a glass of milk?

The only way to continually get up in the morning and survive a day in this world is through the art of optimism. Any situation coupled with the correct outlook can be tolerable. Many say that the glass is either ½ full or ½ empty. This is a decent way of comparing optimism and pessimism, but this vague platitude is actually only ½ useful. What’s the inherent benefit of a merely convenient labeling of the status quo with a more desirable name? Because when you think about it, even if you called a root canal a 'rollercoaster,' would it hurt any less?!

While the outlook on exactly how to define a ½ is important, the missing key to this expression is to look even further. Merely finding the silver lining is not enough. Just like ‘peas and carrots,’ optimism goes hand in hand with hope. (Wow, this blog is sure getting a lot of analogy mileage out of Mr. Gump.) Now, there times when one must accept adversities, finish off that remaining ½, and start from scratch. Also, there are times when that glass is knocked over and there’s nothing you can do but try your hardest not to cry over spilled milk. But don’t fret! The good people from Borden will be along to pour another one on ya! So, not only must you see the glass ½ full, you must hope that at some point it will be completely full if not overflowing with lactose blessings.

So, whether you’re a girl or boy, whether the milk is skim or soy, enjoy your chocolates and drink your milk*.

*If you are diabetic and/or lactose intolerant, I apologize that you get very little from this.

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Abby said...

This made me dizzy - I have fractions dancing around in my head! Nightmares of HS algebra class ;)