Friday, June 6, 2008

Hit & Run... straight to hell

I’ve been sitting and staring at my monitor for the past few minutes in shock of the article I just read. has reported a tragic accident in Hartford, CT. An elderly gentleman was the victim of a hit and run on a residentially adjacent street. I wish that my disgust was solely focused on the fact that an individual was reckless enough to hit a person with their car, however this feeling in my stomach that is about to upchuck the burrito I had for breakfast is result of the aftermath…

Yes, a person was hit with a car and the driver was soulless and/or stupid enough to drive off. It won’t be the first, and unfortunately, the last time. It’s a tragedy, but as long as there are pedestrians and vehicles sharing the same pavement, these accidents will continue to happen. Why did this article make national headlines on the largest news reporting entity in the world? Well, apparently a hole is about to open and suck Hartford straight to Hell, because after the man was struck with the vehicle, onlookers and passing cars did just that. Intersection video cameras and witness reports recount the fact that shortly after the man was hit, fellow pedestrians did nothing but stare at a still conscious man bleed and writhe in pain, and even worse, other vehicles merely maneuvered around him! This was a 78-year-old father, working-class citezen, and, oh yeah, HUMAN BEING! I've seen people pull over to properly move a dead dog off the street, but these people couldn't stop to assist a person!? I'm all for animal rights, but this was a person! (Excuse me while I go projectile vomit on PETA). What is this world coming to?!

Now, I’ll admit that if I see a car pulled over on the side of the road with their hazard lights on, I might pass by. If someone trips and falls in public with no apparent ailments, I might smirk and pass by. But, there is absolutely no excuse for the actions reported in the article. (I really wish I were smart enough to put a link to it or something, but oh well. Get your Google on!).

I wish this was the part where I would convey some advice or possible condemnation to this situation, but I honestly have no words. How does one even begin to respond to such actions? What reasoning and/or middle ground can one offer in light of such a lack of morality? I have nothing. Nothing but disdain for our society’s less and less reliable moral compass. Live at your own risk!

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