Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I was crazy bored the yesterday at work, and naturally I was on facebook.  I decided it was my new life goal to get 100 'pokes' by day's end.  A few of my friends played along and they kindly 'poked' me out of the kindness of their bored hearts if for no other reason but to entertain me.

Only the last names have been edited out, because I feel my
awesomeness would elicit a lot of stalkers. So I have to be careful.

I went from 13 to to 22 in about an hour and my campaign for attention/entertainment was slowing down.  As I walked past my friend and coworker's desk, I saw a note on her cube saying she was participating in the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

I decided to add a dash of beneficence to my utter nonsense.  I also wanted to give a purpose to probably the least functional/interesting/understood features of any website ever.  Seriously, WHAT IS A 'POKE'?!

So, I re-updated my status:

So, people got to 'pokin.'  By the next morning, I had 108 'pokes' and happily made my donation for my friend's great cause.  Also, it turns out people who aren't even your friend can 'poke' you!  Weird/unsettling/awesome!

One of my amazing friends (who is a survivor himself) found it in his heart to not only 'poke' me for my cause, but also made a MATCHING DONATION!  

This exercise in attention turned good cause was particularly special, because I reached my goal today which is also my mom's birthday!  She battled breast cancer, herself in 2000.  And later passed away from bone cancer in 2009.  She was an amazing woman, wife, friend, and mother (even though she almost left me in a Wal-Mart).

So, thank you to everyone who 'poked' me and everyone involved with Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  I feel like Oprah, but not as obnoxious and with far less influence and fewer financial resources.

If you would like to also donate to my friend Samantha's participation in Susan G. Komen, please click here! Do it. Do it for boobies!  For boobies that are big, small, different sizes, and even the ones that have awkward looking nipples... O.o

UPDATE: My friend has already pointed out that in all of my statuses, updates, etc. I spelled Komen 'KomAn."  I swear I checked the spelling repeatedly on the website multiple times.  I'm too retarded to see it and reproduce it correctly, but luckily not so retarded that I donated to the wrong cause.  Apparently, is some sort of sailing festival website.

PS - It is interesting to find that out of my 600 ish friends I got about 90 'pokes.' (The push over the 100 came from friends of friends who helped with the campaign).  So, it appears 5 our of 6 of my friends either hate boobies or have hidden me from their News Feeds LONG AGO.  I'm fairly certain it was the latter.


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I'm totally poking you in my head right now.

E Angelina Johnson said...

today is one of the few days that I not only admitted to knowing you publicly...but I'm proud to know you! :)

CRH said...

Great job, great cause! Thank you for bringing awareness.

John said...

@The Bloggess - that means almost more than a real life poking.

@Angela - I completely understand. Thank you for reposting for my cause. Your friends made the 100 possible.

@Cameron - you were my very first 'poke' before the cause began. Thanks for getting this ball rolling!

Anonymous said...

Ha. You are so rad! Using the internetz to save boobs.

Anonymous said...

This blog post isn't shit. About time. But you can still read the full names of the 108 people who poked you on the right. Might wanna fix that. Even when you do something well you manage to screw it up.

John said...

What are you a wizard?! I didn't delete them, because there are over 100 and I can't make out the names and they are my friends. I hate you.

E Angelina Johnson said...

Who is the anonymous coward?

John said...

My ex-coworker. He is secretly in love with me, so lashes out at me on the Internets. It's pathetic and flattering.

Anonymous said...

No wizardry required to read the names. Try squinting a bit less though. Oh wait...

John said...

BEST. COMMENT. EVER. I fell out of my chair laughing at that one.

Thank you, Anonymous for adding so much hilarity to your hate.

purple moonbeam said...

This post nails funny, awesome and inspiring, all at once. It's amazing what one can achieve with a little 'right brain' thinking.
I think I'm gonna be your latest follower. *poke*