Friday, February 18, 2011

cause they're so delicious!

OK.  I'm not gonna lie.  I'm completely phoning in today's post.  In my defense, I did draw these at some point when I was bored and hungry at work. These are taken from the archives of my Mobile Uploads on facebook.  I think these are hilarious for God knows why.

Whoever said not to play with your food is a damned fool because this 'art' entertained me for hours. So, thought I would share it here.

This was my 1st creation ever.  Don't worry!  They get even more awesome.
This one is a bit morbid, but death is a part of life. (PS - My grandmother
taught me  how to draw awesome 3D houses like the on in this scene.)
My completely shameless rip off of one of the most hilarious jokes in 'Finding Nemo'
and a less obvious other pop culture reference I hope some/most of you get.
I got real with this business, y'all. 
This was my most thought out and final Goldfish art piece.  I ran out of inspiration,
and by 'inspiration', I mean my 2 pound carton of Goldfish I kept at my desk... 


Andy said...

Hahah. This cracked me up a lot.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Playing with your food = total awesomeness!!