Tuesday, February 8, 2011

UPDATED: Snow Day 2.0

I FINALLY got my Snow Day I complained about not getting last week.  I was stranded and unable to move my car out of its parking spot. So, I decided to make lemonade out of life's lemons with some other friends who were not able to make it to their offices either.

Turns out, snow is awesome.  However, it is only awesome for like 20 minutes.  And then you realize that you would really like to feel your fingers again and that snowball that was thrown at you is melting and water is slowly creeping towards your butt crack at an alarming speed.

My friends and I frolicked, took pictures, had a snowball fight, attempted to build a snowman, and helped push 3 cars out of their parking spots.

The fun was actually stretched out to longer than 20 minutes because we also drank out in the middle of Lee Park.  Yes, this could possibly be illegal or frowned upon by the authorities.

In efforts to be law abiding citizens and avoid hypothermia, we opted to leave the park.  So, we finished our beers and made our way for some much needed day drinking.

The moral of the story is that playing in the snow isn't as fun as drinking indoors while it is snowing in the middle of the day.  I was also extremely proud of my snow day outfit.  I called it 'snow chic' so many times, my friend, Josh, wanted to bury me alive in snow.

I realize I am off my normal posting schedule, and this as pointless as an episode of "How I Met Your Mother." So, I will try to get back to my below-average level posts instead of this absolute garbage.  I actually wanted to post about how much Glee sucks now, but I think everyone has received that memo a couple episodes back.

I will say, this show has officially 'jumped the shark.'  I got over the fact that this school has a ridiculous fine arts budget that rivals most major universities and they put on spectacular musical numbers with little to no rehearsal time.  I was able to get over this and chalk it up to TV magic.  But, isn't this show supposed to be somewhat based in a neighborhood close to reality?

Everything that happened during the Post Super Bowl episode was ridiculously over the top and would never happen in real life.  Reboot yourselves, Glee.  Be more like the Daniel Craig James Bond and less like the Pierce Brosnan 007.  Stretch reality, not molest it.

SIDE NOTE: As a frequent performer, I understand getting stage fright.  So, can everyone please leave Christina Aguilera alone about flubbing 2 words.  Because, she can actually sing! Let's all direct this anger at Fergie who screamed into her microphone like a hyena with Tourettes and apparently got a sex change!

UPDATE: I totally forgot to post this pic.  Look familiar, y'all?!


Liddy said...

Today is the day for below-par blog posts. Also, the still of the huge snowball in midair is a great shot.

Anonymous said...

She didn't just mess up 2 words, she swapped an entire line, and still messed up that line.

Instead of singing "O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming," she sang "What so proudly we watched at the twilight's last gleaming."

Yes, the whole Black Eyed Peas thing was horrific but they're the Black Eyed Peas, singing live, no one expected much from them.